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Creating Accessible Bathrooms and Wet Rooms throughout Cumbria and South West Scotland

Rediscover the pleasure of safe bathing with our custom-made accessible bathrooms and wet rooms. At Tile & Bathroom Company, we are experts in designing stylish, modern solutions for elderly people or those with limited mobility. Based in Carlisle, we provide bespoke installations for clients from Northern Cumbria to South West Scotland. Get in touch today for more information.

Convenient Features

Our range of walk-in bath tubs, showers, and wet rooms are designed to help you bathe or shower safely. Whether you need an assisted shower with level access or a tailored ergonomic bathroom, we’ve got you covered. We also supply an array of additional features, including:

Disability Specialist Bathrooms - Convenient Features

  • Shower Benches

  • Bath Seats

  • Grab Bars

  • Slip-Resistant Shower Trays

Safe and Accessible Solutions

Whatever your needs, we design accessible bathrooms and wet rooms to suit you.

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